Homework Policy
I believe, as parents, it is very important to let our children know we value education.
Encouraging good study habits and making the home a good place to study are great ways to show how much you care about learning.
Completion of my homework assignments should be your child’s responsibility. This year is a year of learning to be responsible and independent. These assignments are simply extensions of each day’s lessons; as well as, a window for you to know what your child is currently working on in class. Allow your child explain everything to you.
You will receive a newsletter each Monday, giving an overview of each week’s assignments. However, look to your child’s agenda for exact assignments. If there is any type of difficulty with the homework, please write a note in your child’s agenda and send it back the next day.

Check your child’s agenda for the
following assignments nightly:

Reading Fluency Phrases and
Story Practice
Reading/Language Weekly Skill Sheets
Spelling Contract
Math Skill Sheet
Science/Social Studies Study Guides

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