Meyer’s ABC’s

Attendance: Regular attendance and arriving on time is always expected.

Behavior: Our school follows a discipline policy that promotes positive behavior, using a clip chart. With the clip chart, a student’s clothespin begins the day at “Ready to Learn.” During the course of the day, the clothespin moves up and down the chart based upon good choices. If a student’s behavior is positive or considered exceptional, the clothespin will move to “Today I Soared Like an Eagle!” student’s good choices will be acknowledged with specific verbal praise, note, certificates, stickers or phone calls home.

Conferences: If you would like to schedule a conference, the best time is between 7:45-8:15 a.m. or by appointment.

Discipline: Negative choices will result in the clothespin moving down the chart. If the behavior continues, a move down further will occur and the student may lose privileges. Disruptive behavior that continues will ensure a move to the final space called “Swamped” with a behavior note sent home and a possible phone call or e-mail to the parent. Serious or repeated infractions will be handled according to the discipline policy outlined in the CIE Handbook.

E-Mail: Ana.Meyers@stpsb.org

Folders: Your child will come home every day with a folder. Please check the behavior calendar in the folder and initial each day. Also please the folder for newsletters, classroom updates, school updates and forms to complete.

Goals: Our class goal is to have a safe, positive environment where learning is a fun and successful experience and to inspire them to become life-long learners!

Homework: At the beginning of the week, a homework sheet/newsletter will be sent home in the daily folder. The newsletter will detail the week’s activities and other information about our classroom and our school. Please look for this newsletter as I include important announcements and events. In addition, I will include our weekly goals, skills and homework assignments. Please work with your child each day and return the homework packet to school each day.
IEP’s: You will receive a notice/phone call from the teacher at least two weeks before your annual individualized Educational Plan is due. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Jobs: As a way of fostering independence our students will become responsible for their classroom by taking turns and doing a variety of classroom jobs.

Kindness: We will be learning about kindness and respect this year. We will be working on our bucket fillers by using kind words and actions.

Learning: Our curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards.

Manners: Students will be expected to use words such as please and thank you at all times.
Notes: If your child must be absent from school please send a written note or doctor’s note.
On time: Breakfast is an important part of the day. It is served between 8:00-8:30 a.m. If you would like your child to eat at school, please ensure they arrive in enough time to eat.

Parent Contact: If a student’s behavior results in a major infraction, the parent may be contacted by the teacher or administrator. If the behavior/behaviors continue the parent and teacher will meet to discuss an individual behavior plan.

Questions: Questions and comments are always welcomed.

Rules: Our classroom rules are: Be polite and respectful to others. Listen and follow directions. Show respect for our class time. Be honest and trustworthy. Take care of school property. Keep themselves and others safe.
Spelling Tests: Check weekly newsletters with words and test dates.

Test: Students will have different types of assessments throughout the year. For information regarding spelling test and other assessments check the weekly newsletter.

Volunteers: We encourage volunteers. Please let me know and I will have a helper’s package ready for you at the office. Please check into the front office each time you come on school grounds.

Website: Please don’t forget to check our website for information regarding our school.

E-Xtra: Small goodies from the dollar store for our class prize box are always appreciated.

You: You are an essential part of our classroom and I look forward to working together with you.

Z: Zzzzz… Students work hard during the day and need a good night sleep. An early regular bed time is a huge gift to our children
(even when they don’t like it).


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