Title I is a federal aid program for elementary and secondary schools and is designed to support services to improve the educational performance of low-achieving children in high-poverty schools. Under the Title I program, eligible schools in St. Tammany Parish receive grants to implement programs that provide a variety of services to children. Funds are used to provide teachers, paraprofessionals, tutors, mental health providers, computer labs, parental involvement activities, one-on-one tutoring after school, and other activities for the students who are achieving below level.
Schools are selected and funds are allocated based on the percentage of students who are on the free or reduced meal program at the school. In St. Tammany Parish, eligible K-5 schools receive Title I funds.

Chahta-Elementary would like to provide this oppprtunity for parents, community leaders, and other family members to explore all that Title I funds provide to our school. Our team works hard to ensure that funds are utilized in a manner that supports the growth and success in our students. If you would like to have input in future distributions of funds or on current programs, please contact us by using the "Comments" button.

January/February Title I Tidbits

2019/2020 School Improvement Plan Evaluation

2020/2021 School Improvement Plan