The major goal of our plan is to set clear expectations that will help students make better choices and
to provide a positive learning environment for all students. We ask for your cooperation in
helping us to help all students accept responsibility for their actions and develop self-discipline.
We live the FISH! Philosophy daily at Chahta-Ima. Chahta-Ima is also a CHAMPs school.
CHAMPs is a structure for setting clear expectations for students in various environments.

The FISH! Philosophy 
CIE School Wide Expectations
1. Be There
2. Choose Your Attitude
3. Make Someone’s Day
4. Have Fun

Activity specific expectations

You will see CHAMPs boards throughout the school setting clear expectations for student behavior.

C - Conversation
H - Help
A - Activity
M - Movement
P - Participation
S - Success

"Be There" Bucks
School Wide Reward System


Students will earn "Be There" Bucks as they make excellent choices inside and outside the classroom. The bucks can be spent in the classroom to purchase special priviledges.

Students will also be able to save their bucks and spend them at the PTA Prize Cart at the end of the month.

Support and Consequences

CIE Discipline Policy Pre-K – 1st Grade

CIE Discipline Policy 2nd and 3rd Grade

The Administration will complete a Louisiana Department of Education School Behavior Report
for any major offense and reserves the right to adjust disciplinary action to fit the infraction at any time.
Consequences as outlined in the St. Tammany Parish School Board Discipline and Attendance Handbook will be followed.

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