Classroom Policies and Procedures

Home-School “FISH Folder”: Each day your child will bring his/her folder home. This folder is an easy way for us to communicate. I will send home all important letters and papers in this folder. Also, please look over any daily work sent home and review it with your child. In the folder, feel free to place notes, lunch money, or any other information that you would like for me to have.
Also in the folder will be a monthly behavior calendar. Please initial the calendar daily and include any notes, questions, comments, or concerns you have.

At the beginning of each week, a homework sheet/newsletter will be sent home in the FISH Folder. The newsletter will detail the week’s activities and other information about our classroom and our school. Look for this newsletter as I will include important announcements and events. In addition to the newsletter information, I will also include our weekly skills and homework assignments. Please work with your child each day and return the completed homework packet to school each Friday.

Classroom Discipline
Our school will follow a discipline policy that promotes positive behavior using a clip chart. With the clip chart, a student’s clothespin begins the day at “Ready to Learn.” During the course of the day, the clothespin moves up and down the chart based upon behavior choices. Negative behavior will result in a move down the chart. If the behavior continues, a move further down will occur and the student may lose privileges. Disruptive behavior that continues will ensure a move to the final space called “Swamped” with a behavior note sent home and a possible phone call or email to the parent. Serious or repeat infractions will be handled according to the discipline policy outlined in the CIE Handbook.
The chart gives the students an opportunity to make better choices and move their clothespin back up the chart, as well as recognize hard-working, responsible students. Positive behavior will be reinforced with praise and stickers among other rewards. If a student’s behavior is positive throughout the day, the clothespin will remain on “Ready to Learn.” When a student demonstrates behavior that is better than expected, the clothespin will move up the chart. When the student’s behavior is considered exceptional, the clothespin will move to the space entitled “Today I Soared Like An Eagle!” and will result in special recognition in the classroom.


A variety of assessment instruments will be used to assess your child's academic growth. These assessments will come from a variety of formats such as: performance tasks, running records, teacher observation, written tests, journals, writing samples, interviews, and special projects. More information will be given at Open House. I will also be conferencing with you throughout the year to discuss your child's progress.

Money: Please send money in a sealed envelope, labeled with your child’s name, my name, and the purpose.

If you would like to schedule a conference, the best times are between 7:45-8:15 a.m. or 3:45-4:15 p.m. You can send an email (calla.prieto@stpsb.org), write me a note, or call the office (882-7145). Our communication is important to the success of your child.

Regular attendance and arriving on time is expected. If your child must be absent from school, send a written note or doctor’s excuse. The office will mark the absence excused or unexcused based on the reason for the absence. All absences with no written communication will be marked unexcused.

Communication is important to insure that your child gets home safely from school. If at any time, your child’s normal routine is changed, a written note is required on that specific day. If no written note is received your child will be sent home by his/her usual method of transportation.

I am currently looking for a Mom, Dad, Guardian or Grandparent to be our Room Helper. If you can help out, please let me know – I thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
Class Website: Please visit our class website to assess information about our class and school. http://chahta-imaelementary.stpsb.org/prieto.htm


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